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Extreme Adventure

Hollow Mountain is Asia’s most extreme adventure park. This is because we have three thrilling activities – ziplines, rope swings and via ferrata – and for all three activities we have built an extreme version designed to terrify you in complete safety. This adventure park is not for children or the unfit, only reasonably fit people 21 years of age or older and less than 100kg in weight can come.

Though no technical expertise is required, there is some physical strength and fitness necessary for our itineraries. For this reason, each of our activities is given a strength/endurance factor as well as a thrill factor.

All of our vertiginous tours take you to the enormous and spectacularly beautiful cave at the centre of Hollow Mountain. Very few of our customers have ever seen anything like the topography on display here, with stalactites dripping from the roof and walls like wax from a candle. Our “Vertigo” via ferrata then takes you to the very top of the mountain, from where panoramic views of Krabi province and the off-shore islands are to be enjoyed.


Top Reasons to Take an Adventure on Hollow Mountain

We have the biggest rope swing in Asia – our “Emperor” swing is 120 meters long and starts with free-falling straight down for 30 metres. This is a terrifying and totally life-affirming experience, expect to be on an emotional high for at least the rest of the day.

Our “Decapitation” zipline is the only one we are aware of on the planet where you ride just underneath a rock roof. This is highly intimidating, especially as this zipline is located high up on the mountain, with 220 metres of fresh air under your feet. Only people with necks less than a metre in length can do this ride, people with longer necks will lose their heads.

Our “Terminator” zipline is terrifying in 2 different ways. Firslty, it does not decelerate gradually like all other ziplines in Thailand. For the first 200 metres it accelerates continually, before braking (surprisingly comfortably) in the last 15 metres. Secondly, it terminates in a landing station perched 50 metres up a rock pillar, giving the rider the impression that he is about to collide with a rock face at high speed. Adult nappies are available on request.

A via ferrata (“VF”) is a steel staircase glued into a rock-face, with an accompanying steel safety cable installed alongside it. Our “Vertigo” VF is Thailand’s most extreme. It rises 90 metres straight up from its start point way above the surrounding countryside. In some spots it overhangs slightly. One stretch consists of a traverse over the top of a cave, with nothing but 270 metres of thin air underneath the adventurer’s feet.

FUN – this is the bottom line. Hollow Mountain is fun – REALLY lots of fun. There is simply something about being scared witless that puts you in a great mood. No matter how you slice it, it’s a lot of energy but also laughs and satisfaction and you cannot help but smile the rest of the day. Come join us for a tour and see for yourself why Hollow Mountain has created such a buzz.

Hollow Mountain

Ao Nang, Krabi

Thailand, 81180

+(66) 81 477 6543


Hollow Mountain