For most people who pluck up the courage to do the Emperor Swing, it will be the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives. From the launch platform, twin 40-metre ropes extend horizontally to the anchor at the opposite side of the main cave. When the swinger jumps off the launch platform, he/she freefalls 30 metres and is then catapulted at high speed outside of the main cave entrance. This is the most extreme above-ground sports activity in South-East Asia. Some people, after reaching the launch platform for the Emperor Swing, do not have the courage to jump. This is understandable and not a problem – we simply lower these people to the base of the main cave instead.

  • Fear Factor: 100% 100%
  • Strength & Endurance Factor: 60% 60%

* This activity is included with:
Program A

Hollow Mountain

Ao Nang, Krabi

Thailand, 81180

+(66) 81 477 6543


Hollow Mountain