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Hollow Mountain is Southeast Asia’s most extreme adventure park. This is because we have three thrilling activities – Ziplines, Rope Swings and Via Ferrata – and for all three activities we have built an extreme version designed to terrify you in complete safety. This adventure park is not for children or the unfit, only reasonably fit people 21 years of age or older and less than 100kg in weight can come.


Most people have never done a real rope swing: maybe they’ve taken a 4 to 5 meter swing over a river, but that’s as far as it goes. At Hollow mountain we offer the real deal: both of our rope swings, the Junior Swing and the Emperor Swing, have an arc of almost 100 meters long.

The difference between them is that the Junior Swing, whilst exhilarating and great fun, is really not very scary at all. The Emperor Swing, on the other hand will be, for those brave-hearts who have the courage to do it, quite possibly the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives.

Emperor Swing

For most people who pluck up the courage to do the Emperor Swing, it will be the scariest extreme sports experience of their lives. From the launch platform, twin 40-metre ropes extend horizontally to the anchor at the opposite…

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Junior Swing

The Junior Swing consists of a pair of 40-metre ropes suspended at a 45 degree angle from the anchor above. These form a long and thrilling swing which everybody will enjoy but which will not seriously scare most people…

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Hollow Mountain offers 2 ziplines, Decapitation Zipline and Terminator Zipline. Decapitation runs under a rock roof, giving the illusion that the roof will take the rider’s head off. Terminator is an extremely fast zipline where the rider hurtles towards a rock-face – for most people, it will be the scariest zipline they have ever done.

Decapitation Zipline

This zipline is the only one we are aware of on the planet where the rider rides underneath a rock roof. It is called Decapitation because it looks like the rock roof will knock your head off. This effect is made worse by the fact that, before…

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Terminator Zipline

This 200 meters long, 50 meters high zipline has been deliberately made very steep in order to increase the fear factor. Unlike all other ziplines in Thailand, which bring the rider to a gentle halt after decelerating gradually, our…

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A Via Ferrata is a steel staircase glued into a rock face.

This staircase can run either horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Safety is ensured by the presence of a steel cable running alongside the steel rungs, which are glued into the rock face and which are used as hand and footholds. Via ferratae provide inexperienced climbers a means of enjoying the mountain preserves of the serious mountaineer. High quality equipment dedicated to the purpose is required, as is a willingness to learn a tolerance for vertigo.

Hollow Mountain adventure park offers 4 different Via Ferratas, as follows: Vertigo VF, Junglearing VF, Baby VF and Emperor Approach VF.

Vertigo VF

This is the most extreme VF in Thailand, if not all of South-East Asia. This VF runs 90 meters vertically almost straight up. It is only suitable for people who are physically strong enough to climb the stairwell of a 9-storey building. Halfway up…

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Junglearing VF

This is an intermediate, traverse via ferrata. It is not particularly strenuous but does include one scary move across a cave mouth, where there is nothing but thin air under the climber’s feet…

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Baby VF

This is a very easy introduction to via ferrata, which also forms the access to large parts of the adventure park…

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Emperor Approach VF

This is a straightforward via ferrata which leads to the launch platform for the Emperor Swing. It is made somewhat intimidating by its location in the mountain’s higher reaches and with 50 metres of fresh air underneath the climber’s feet…

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The only remaining pristine jungle in Thailand is in the mountains. The jungle trail up Hollow Mountain runs through virgin territory and offers most visitors the most authentic jungle experience they’ve ever had. In order to experience this, effort is required. The jungle trail, which leads to all the activities on Hollow Mountain, is only about 500 meters long – but it is steep. The Main Cave, which is where the jungle trail ends, and which forms the center of the adventure park, is 220 meters above the start of the trail. Enormous tropical trees rear out of the ground on all sides. It is necessary to climb 3 steep steel ladders, the tallest of which is 7 meters long, in order to reach the Main Cave.  No safety systems are in place when climbing these steel ladders.

If you cannot hike a trail to the top of a 220 meters-high hill, then you would be well-advised to not come to Hollow Mountain. Rest periods are included during the hike up the trail. There is no hurry and rest stations are provided as you go up.


This is the center of the Hollow Mountain adventure park and is reached by the Jungle Trail. There is a comfortable viewing platform built here, from which people can watch their fellow adventurers on all 3 Via Ferratas and both Rope Swings, plus on the Decapitation Zipline. It is also the launch and landing station for the Junior Swing.

Hollow Mountain

Ao Nang, Krabi

Thailand, 81180

+(66) 81 477 6543


Hollow Mountain